6 Week Body Makeover – Infinite Menu Planner

The 6 Week Body Makeover Infinite Menu Planner (IMP) is a great way to plan numerous meals for your body type without getting bored. If you’re a body type C (like me), you can either follow the Fast Track Menu Cards or plan your own meals with the IMP.

Body type C people gain muscle easily, however, they tend to gain too much muscle mass in one area and not enough in other areas. For me, I have a lot of muscle in my arms and legs, but have a really flabby mid-section and upper torso. According to body makeover diet, I am allowed more simple and complex carbohydrates as my metabolism is able to burn these calories faster than other body types. However, I should stay away from red meats as this will increase mass in my body, which counter acts my goal of losing weight. I want to increase lean muscle and not bulk up.

An example meal for a body type c for breakfast (using the IMP) is 4 oz. protein from category b and 1 cup of carbohydrates from category B. I do not want to get into all of the IMP choices for category b, but an example of b proteins are chicken breast, scallops, shrimp and turkey breast. Carbohydrates in category b are barley, millet, rice (white & brown) and bagels.

You will never be bored with your diet if you use the IMP because of the unlimited amount of food choices. Also, if you are too lazy to choose from the IMP, you can use the Fast Track Menu Cards which lay out all meals for you based on easy, gourmet and rapid results categories.

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