Acid Reflux and Diet – Finally Critical Tips on What Foods to Eat With Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux (GERD) is very difficult for both adults and children. Acid reflux and diet has been always been a hot topic because of the impact of one on the other. Essentially, changes to your diet can help curb the recurrence of GERD symptoms. Here, we offer some tips and examples of foods that that can be very beneficial in your controlling acid reflux through diet.

1. Fiber and water are extremely important

The foods to eat with acid reflux help to lessen the symptoms of acid reflux. For example the feeling of bloating and heartburn are greatly reduced by eating the right foods. It’s important to have lots of fibre as well as water for those that are suffering from acid reflux. Since fiber and water both help the food to be removed from the digestive tract and reduce the acid reflux problem. Those that have a constipation problem should avoid eating saturated and fatty food, since it takes a longer time to digest. This can further aggravate the problem.

2. Eat in small portions

The foods to eat with acid reflux should be taken in small portions. Smaller frequent meals that are taken ensure that the stomach isn’t full. This puts less pressure on the stomach acids and the LES. Ensuring that the stomach acids are working better and acid reflux isn’t increased. Heartburn is greatly reduced too.

Know the calories that your body needs. This can help you to know the GERD food to avoid. For example if a person needs 1800 calories, then they need to space out the calories in 6 different small meals. 6 small meals would mean 300 calories per meal. Now there are acid remedy home remedies that can be used.

3. Fruits should also be taken

A lot of fruits can be incorporated in the meal but the acidic fruits like lemons, pineapple and oranges should be avoided. But the other fruits such as apples and bananas are a great source of fibre and also help to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. The other acid reflux food that should be avoided is aerated beverages and caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soda. Even alcohol should be avoided since it makes the LES sluggish and this increases the chances of acid reflux.

4. Whole grain breads and cereals should be included

Whole grain foods to eat with acid reflux include pita bread, whole wheat bread, brown rice and many others can be safely taken. Lean meat including fat less steaks, pork chops, chicken and fish should also be taken and included in your meals. Spices and herbs should be used but if they can be tolerated. Definitely tomato based sauces shouldn’t be used. In fact tomatoes are one of the major reasons that can cause acid reflux.

By keeping these different tips in mind, you should have a greater understanding of acid reflux and diet. In addition, you should be starting to gather more information about foods to eat with acid reflux. Knowledge of foods can be very helpful in helping prevent future recurrences.

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