Acid Reflux Cure – Effective and Permanent Natural Treatment

Excess acid present in the stomach which regurgitates into the esophagus called as acid reflux, it is caused by many reasons and effective and early treatment to cure it permanently protects from serious complications it can initiate in human body. Excess acid once in sometime or for few minutes in a day may not be serious issue to health as acid is an important part of the digestive system but frequent occurrence of excess acid and it regurgitation in esophagus is problem which requires serious attention. Frequent acid reflux can damage esophageal lining which makes swallowing difficult; it causes dry coughing, chest pain with heartburn, chronic cough which can even initiate asthma and sinusitis.

Like other health disorders even it is not caused due to one single reason hence for permanent and effective treatment one has to identify the root cause of the problem and treat it with the use of remedies which provide immediate relief as well as help the body in preventing recurrence of the problem. Diet, life style and eating habits including type of food one eats and digestive disorders, all can contribute singularly or collectively to promote acid formation and acid reflux.

Sometimes none of the above reason may be responsible for acid reflux; it is just that particular food is intolerable to the digestive system which creates the problem. To eradicate such problem a food diary shall be maintained to identify the problem creating diet. Medicines can also cause acidity particularly diuretic medicines like the ones taken for high blood pressure, diabetic patients also suffer from excess acid due to high sugar content in the blood.

Water consumption in sufficient quantity should be ensured not only for countering acid reflux but also for good over all health, increased intake of fruits like guava, apples, melon, avocado, papaya, figs, banana, cucumber and pear are very good at keeping digestive system smooth and controlling acid secretion. Eating small and regular meals in place of large two or three meals is beneficial. Spicy and fried food shall be avoided along with tea, coffee, alcohol and beverages.

Drinking cold milk with minimum amount of sugar is an instant remedy for curing acid reflux as it helps the body in digesting the excess acid and regulating gas in the stomach. Consuming apple cider vinegar two teaspoon mixed in a glass of water also works as effective treatment for curing the problem of acid reflux. Fennel seeds are good mouth freshener and also very good digestive aid; it also prevents excessive acid formation.

Tea made up of lavender seeds and aniseeds is also very beneficial in curing acid reflux and it can be used instead of traditional tea for maximum benefit, one teaspoon each of these seeds can be mixed with a glass of water and boiled for few minutes, later after cooling and straining the mixture it shall be consumed. Ginger is an excellent herb for all sorts of digestive problems including acid reflux. Ginger tea, a piece of ginger consumed after meals or use of ginger in cooking or in raw form in salad can be of immense help and a permanent treatment to cure acid reflux.

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