Artichoke Leaf Extract – Medicine For Constipation

Aside from being a good medicine for constipation, artichoke leaf extract is also used in helping the digestive system to function normally. This becomes a bile flow that basically digests the fats as well as preventing uncomfortable gas inside the body.

Artichoke Leaf Extract and Its Effectivity

Artichoke has been a medicine during the history about Egyptians and it is also used by Greeks in their digestion problems. What is the important thing in this plant is its leaf which contains chlorogenic acid and cynarin that helps the gallbladder contraction. These substances tend to break down all the fats in the intestine from the foods we eat as well as preventing problems like constipation and abdominal pain to occur.

Other Benefits of Artichoke

Beyond its role among constipation remedies, artichoke leaf extract has also been found to be helpful at lowering cholesterol already in the normal range. In a 2000 study of 143 patients, artichoke leaf extract reduced total cholesterol levels by 18.5% (compared to 8.6% for the placebo group). LDL cholesterol dropped 22.9% in patients taking artichoke leaf versus just 6.3% for those taking the placebo. Some scientists have found that artichoke is effective in this way because it may actually inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the body – thus helping prevent high cholesterol.

Others claim that artichoke leaf extract may actually protect and help regenerate the liver. The Cynarin content of artichoke is said to be able to help the liver more effectively filter out toxins that would otherwise be lethal to humans.

Artichoke Leaf Extract as a Part of a Constipation Treatment Plan

Artichoke should really be included to the treatment plan especially when you are experiencing uncomfortable bloating while you feel constipation and diarrhea problems. This is the worst thing that could happen to you so as you better have the effective remedy you can get. Knowing deeper about the other remedies you can mix with the artichoke leaf extract is necessary as well. It is advisable to have the artichoke as it is natural and safe to use even when combined with other remedies.

Choosing the natural medicine for constipation is great because of few reasons and one of it is its availability in the market. These medicines also can be taken wherever you are or whenever you want without limitations because it actually does not have side effects in the body. Nature is great that it provides us with all our needs and that these medicines are enjoyable and delicious to consume. Having this only give us the idea of living the simplest and best way we can without worrying for anything but only healthy foods.

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