Honey and Cinnamon Tea – Key Contributor Towards Better Holistic Health

If you are a practitioner of holistic health, or are new to the practice, or just prefer living a healthy lifestyle, then you must make room for cinnamon and honey tea in your routine diet. It is full of health benefits that will slowly start becoming visible to you. Plus, it will be a tasty addition to your diet as the combination of cinnamon and honey is truly delicious. The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibb (science of herbs and medicines in the Eastern countries, Unani Medicine and ayurvedic medicine greatly rely on this tea for improving their health.

Let us find out more about the amazing benefits of drinking cinnamon tea routinely and why this healthful tea needs to be a part of your holistic regimen.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Drinking a cup full of lukewarm cinnamon and honey tea once every day helps reduce your risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases, specifically those pertinent to clogged arteries. Moreover, this powerful combo has enough potential to kick off the elevated bad cholesterol levels in your body. With less bad cholesterol roaming in your body, your likelihood of becoming victimized by heart conditions naturally decreases. Therefore, make sure to drink this tea daily.

To make the tea, put about two teaspoons of cinnamon in about one and half cup water and bring this mixture to boil. Add about one teaspoon full of organic honey to it. Sip and enjoy. It is important that a healthy diet and exercise is a part of your routine for benefitting more from the cinnamon and honey mixture.

Fights Bacterial Infections

According to several research studies conducted by medical institutes and journals, it can be safely stated that honey helps fight bacterial infection. Pair it with cinnamon that is already known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and you will get a wonderful concoction. Hence, drinking honey and cinnamon tea protects your immune system against internal and external bacterial infections.

Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Honey and cinnamon have been associated with weight loss since a long time. This anecdotal claim has been backed by several studies as well. This proves that the combination of these two ingredients does curb your unnecessary food cravings. Plus, if taken regularly before breakfast, it can help you lose a few pounds within four weeks provided you avoid eating foods rich in calories and processed sugars.

To enjoy the weight loss benefits of honey and cinnamon, prepare the tea according to the instructions given above and drink it about 30 minutes prior to having your breakfast.

Helps Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is one painful condition. Your limbs and joint ache terribly when you become a prey of arthritis. To heal your condition holistically, you should take the assistance of honey and cinnamon tea. One tablespoon of good quality manuka or raw honey and one teaspoon of pure Ceylon cinnamon mixed in one mug of boil water is excellent for managing your arthritis pain and issues. A study conducted by the Copenhagen University examined the effects of cinnamon and honey on 200 arthritis patients. Within a week, it was observed that a staggering 73 participants felt a huge improvement in their arthritis symptoms.

So, go on try this mixture and get rid of the terrible joint aches.

Eliminates Bladder Infections

If you have been suffering from bacterial cystitis and bacterial infections since a long time, but haven’t been able to successfully resolve this condition, then you might find relief from cinnamon and honey tea. The healing and anti-microbial characteristics of these food will clean all sorts of infections from your bladder and keep it healthy.

Improves Digestion and Provides Relief from Gas Related Issues

Each one of us experiences gas and stomach problems at some point in our lives. Often, these troubles tend to accompany us for a long while and disturb our life. To make sure your stomach and digestive processes stay healthy, you should drink one to two cups of warm honey and cinnamon mixture daily. It cleanses your colon of all the hazardous toxins, helps good bacteria flourish in the colon, smoothens the digestion process and treats all symptoms of acid reflux, gas and bloating.

In addition to enriching your life with these benefits, honey and cinnamon tea treats tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, common cold, skin infections, hair loss, fatigue and enhances your average lifespan.

When all these issues become eliminated from your life, it is bound to become peaceful, harmonious and happy. So, if you want to live a holistic life and make your body feel serene, it is wise that you incorporate the amazing honey and cinnamon tea to your diet.

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