How to Reduce Hemorrhoids Discomfort

People from all over the world suffer from a quite annoying, yet embarrassing health condition such as hemorrhoids. Most of the rectal problems that include fissures, itching, burning sensations, bleeding, pains and swelling are the main symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. They do not represent a threat to the general body health, but they really affect one’s mood and diet. Studies show that some types of food are more likely to aggravate the hemorrhoid condition; thus, you should avoid spicy food with pepper, chilly and hot salsa, or anything that can cause constipation. Toast, crackers, rice, bananas and blueberries are also very likely to give hard stools; therefore they should be eaten moderately by those who suffer from hemorrhoids.

Depending on the internal or the external form of the hemorrhoids, various treatments are possible, either as ointments or suppositories. Gels and supplements with herbal extracts are usually preferred by chronic patients; and the most warmly recommended are weeping willow buds extract, or calendula and sea buckthorn oil. A powerful and natural anti-inflammatory is the weeping willow extract that contains pure salicylic acid. Used since the ancient times by herbalist medicine, the weeping willow bark and buds are the primary matter for the extraction of the juice used in anti-hemorrhoid gels and ointments. It is usually found in combination with calendula or chamomile, other herbs with antiseptic and healing properties.

As for sea buckthorn, recent studies have revealed the great therapeutic properties of this oily plant with wide applications for the benefit of the entire body. Used topically, sea buckthorn oil is a great wound healer, accelerating the regeneration process at the local level. Ointments with a high concentration of sea buckthorn oil have proved a great help in the treatment of hemorrhoids, reducing swelling, speeding up healing and lowering discomfort. Administered internally, sea buckthorn oil is great for eliminating constipation or acting as a detoxifier at the colon level. Consequently, it drastically reduces the risk of local infections preventing hemorrhoid aggravation.

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