ITP – 15 Steps to Help Low Blood Platelets With Food, Supplements and Lifestyle Changes

I and many other natural practitioners firmly believe that ITP and cancer are all related to a degree. The all stem from chronic inflammation and a breakdown of the immune system. The body is a complete organism and it takes an all out war on any possible offending culprit or culprits. Besides taking things to increase our health and increase platelets, we also have to remove those things out of our life that may be causing us harm, and then give the body a chance to heal itself. We are a pretty amazing self healing organism given half the chance.

Here is a simple list of 15 steps you can take to help heal your ITP

Get rid of as many chemical toxins as I possibly could from my body care products and my home. The toxic burden the human race is carrying is at epic proportions and we were not designed to tolerate all of these chemicals.

Increase your uptake of high quality supplements especially Coenzyme Q10, selenium, zinc, melatonin, vitamin a,d and e. Take a separate Vitamin B3 (Niacinimide) supplement. B3 has anticancer/anti inflammation properties.

I would take a mega daily dose of ascorbic acid – 12 grams if you can tolerate it. Ascorbic acid protects plasma lipids against oxidative damage, destroying free radicals. Ascorbic acid also decreases the toxicity of drugs used in chemo and reduces the effects of radiation.

Eliminate all dairy products from your diet

Eat at least three RAW cloves of garlic a day. (chop it up and put on everything)

Avoid sugar like the plague. That also means any thing with high fructose corn syrup in it. It is actually poison to your system. Use honey sparingly or use stevia.

Eliminate all refined grains from your diet. Eg: processed breads, cereals, white rice etc. Totally eliminate all wheat products either refined or unrefined.

Avoid all food additives

Take a good probiotic supplement

Eat at least 60% of your diet in raw foods. Preferably organic. (In other words eat as close to natural as you possibly can. If it’s processed steer clear! Eat simple food combinations. EG: a green salad, with a piece of grilled chicken or lean meat with some brown rice or a steamed vegetable. Keep it simple and easy on your digestion.

Drink a daily fresh juiced green drink of organic carrots, wheat grass and any other green vegetable that you may have. Celery is good but make sure that one is definitely organic as it retains any pesticides with in the membranes (in other words, the pesticides don’t wash off). Add some raw cacao to your drink.( It has 30 times the antioxidants of green tea.)

Drink half of your my body weight in ounces of pure water that has no fluoride or chlorine in it. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice in the water will help flush out the toxins and alkalize your system.

Take a very good quality cod liver oil or flax seed supplement in liquid form, not capsules (although there are some brands of fish oil capsules that are good – be sure to do your research though.)

Take a mushroom capsule supplement. Not any mushrooms though. Look for a supplement that contains the following:




Cloud (coriolus)


4 to 8 capsules a day with water. These mushrooms are extremely high in glyconutrients and are one of the true superfoods available. The help balance out the immune system, and have even been known to help heal cancer as well as other autoimmune disorders.

As a side note…the biggest problem about any of these auto immune diseases including itp and cancer is that if you don’t really find out what the root cause is, you’ll never be able to heal properly. All your good intentions may not be enough if you don’t know what it is that is causing the breakdown in your system. It is even possible that your body may just be intolerant to something that is perceived to be good for you. Nothing beats knowing That’s why I was so grateful that I found my naturopath who uses dna testing and heavy metal testing so I could get to the bottom of Viv’s ITP.

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