Overview of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in 2021

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence): Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment  - 2021 | PensacolaVoice Magazine 2021

Erectile dysfunction is a very common sexual disorder that affects millions of men around the globe. In most cases, men feel hesitant in having a conversation on this topic with their partner, or even doctors. Only men who have faced this problem can understand how embarrassing this situation can be. 

Men suffering from ED finds it difficult to get a stable and hard erection during sexual intercourse. Although, in most cases, ED is not the completer loss of erection the erection are not hard enough to provide satisfaction. Thankfully ED is a treatable disorder and in mind cases, this treatment can be as easy as making some lifestyle changes. here is a list of erectile dysfunction treatment in 2021. 

  1. Lifestyle changes. 

Nothing is surprising here. The same kind of positive lifestyle changes that you have already heard about can help in improving the rigidity of your erections. The principle here is to keep your body in its optimum condition so the processes like hormone production and blood circulation that impacts erection hardness and stability are carried on with no disturbances. Some of these lifestyle changes are mentioned below. 

  • Quit smoking.
  • Consume less alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be physically active
  • Manage stress levels. 

While these are not some kind of instant fix for the problem but they can surely improve the rigidity of erection. You should discuss your problem with your partner and together you will be able to achieve the goal. 

  1. Prescription medications.

the field of medicinal science has seen huge advancements in the last few decades. Today, there is a wide range of medicines available in the market that claims to treat ED. The actual classification boils down to the following 4 active ingredients. 

They all work on the same basic principle i.e. increase blood circulation by opening up blocked blood vessels and imparting a relaxant effect on penile muscles. Combinedly, these factors ensures proper blood filling in the penis which gives a hard erection during sex.

  1. Penis pumps. 

This is another approach you can use to improve erections. these devices create a vacuum around the penis which increase blood circulation towards the penile region. This ensures proper blood filling in the penis and gives you a hard erection. These pumps can either be operated manually or by using power from batteries. However, using this approach can be embarrassing and this is the reason why most men don’t want to use it. Additionally, in some rare cases, it can also cause very severe penile injuries like the bursting of the penile shaft. 

  1. Penis implants. 

Penile prosthetics are another way of combating ED. Bendable inflatable rods are implanted in the penis by a surgical procedure. A bendable rod will make your penis semi-hard permanently, it will always ready for penetrative sex. While hydraulic implants need to be inflated to achieve an erection. This surgery is performed in an outpatient centre and takes only about half an hour. You will have to wait for 2 months, after which you are ready to have sex. 

The cons of this method include reports of shorter erection duration, uncontrollable bleeding, infection and erosion. 

  1. Injections. 

Alprostadil is a drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from a severe case of ED. The injection acts by expanding your blood vessels and increasing blood circulation towards the penis. However, there are some contraindications related to the use of this drug. 

Alprostadil must not be taken if.

  • You are allergic to it.
  • You already have a penis implant.
  • You have priapism. 

Some side effects of this injection are mentioned below. 

  • Prolong and painful erections caused by overdose. 
  • Breeding in urethra
  • Painful bending of the penis. 
  1. Testosterone replacement therapy. 

Getting a testosterone shot is another approach to treat ED. It is a fairly safe treatment approach. However, some rare side effects like acne, breast enlargement, fluid retention and blood clots can appear in some cases. 

  1. Constriction devices. 

They are also called cock rings and are placed at the base of your penile shaft to decrease the outflow of blood. While they may not sound complex, a lot of negative side effects are linked with their usage. Some are mentioned below. 

  • Discomfort and pain
  • Problems in ejaculation. 
  • It may also stop the inflow of blood. 

All of the above-mentioned treatment approaches have their pros and cons. The best approach for you will depend on the severity of your problem. You should consult your doctor before going for any of these treatments.