Penis Care for Joggers – Protecting the Package During and After a Run

Jogging and running, whether for exercise or competition, constitute one of the most efficient ways to get in shape, trim off extra weight, and build endurance. There is no question that there are multiple benefits to working in a daily run, but this high-impact exercise does take its toll on the body. Men and women alike can be affected by joint pain, and women, of course, generally require a sports bra for firm support. One of the major issues that many men have with running is the damage caused by constant penis chafing against their shorts, as well as the bouncing, swinging action that can leave a pecker feeling bruised and sore. Fortunately, this problem is avoidable, as long as a man is willing to take the necessary steps for penis care both during and after a run.

Here are some of the ways that a man can protect the goods while he is pounding the pavement:

  • Athletic supporter – The tried-and-true jock strap is an ideal way to hold the twig and berries firmly in place while running. Men should look for high-quality supporters and check for proper fit. A jock strap can be worn with or without underwear; a pair of briefs might provide some extra support, as well as helping to wick moisture away from the body. The athletic supporter should be washed and dried properly after each use; otherwise, the built-up sweat, dirt and body oils will only cause further chafing of the delicate penis skin.
  • Compression shorts – Compression shorts are athletic garments that are worn under the clothing. They provide support for the muscles, wick moisture away from the body, and can help to hold the penis firmly in place. Many men prefer compression shorts to athletic supports due to the comfort factor, as well as the more streamlined appearance. Some shorts come with a sewn-in pocket in the front where a cup can be inserted, although it is not clear that this can hold the goods in place as well as a traditional athletic supporter. Compression shorts should fit properly – if they are too tight, they will restrict circulation, thus creating a potential risk to penis and testicular health.
  • Bike shorts – Cycling shorts are similar to compression garments; the real difference is that they are padded in the seat to ease the strain of sitting in a bicycle saddle for extended periods of time. These can be used as an alternative to compression shorts and offer a good solution for triathletes who both cycle and run.

Soothing the sting and protecting the goods

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to penis chafing, but once the damage is done, a man needs to know how to soothe a burning member and speed up the healing process. While going without pants altogether while the healing takes place might be the ideal solution, it is not practical, so some alternative answers are needed.

First of all, the penis should be washed carefully to remove any traces of sweat or grime that might continue to chafe the already-stressed skin. A mild cleanser is more appropriate than a harsh soap, and even simply rinsing in warm water should be enough to get the job done.

In addition, applying a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is enriched with Shea butter – a high-quality moisturizer and emollient – can soothe tender skin and create a moisture barrier to protect it from ongoing friction. Vitamins such as A, E, C and D also work to speed healing and prevent the formation of toughened, keratinized skin that can dull penis sensation. Finally, wearing a soft, comfortable, slightly-snug pair of briefs will help to reduce any further rubbing.

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