5 Of The Best Growth Supplements For Dogs

If you want your dog to grow large and muscular and the food you are giving him can’t do the job, you should not worry. This is because you can give him the following growth supplements.

Vitamin A

This is a yellow pigment that is found in plants, but it’s usually packaged in supplements and sold in majority of pet stores. It plays a major role in growth and development in puppies. For ideal results you should give the food to your puppy while he is still growing and this will help him to easily reach his full potential.

In addition to helping your dog reach full potential, vitamin A also aids in helping your dog develop healthy skin and hair. The supplement also helps your dog develop a great night vision.

Optimum growth formula

This supplement is designed to help developing fetuses have optimal bone and tissue growth. Due to this, the product should only be taken by pregnant dogs. To help the developing fetus, the product contains high amounts of vitamin C and calcium.

Vitamin D

This is ideal for puppies. While puppies the ability of getting vitamin D from sunlight, the supplement ensures that the puppies have enough of vitamin D and as a result they develop strong bones, muscles, and nerves. Enough amounts of vitamin D also ensure that the puppies are able to retain calcium in the body.

Vitamin B complex

Research studies have shown that dogs that are deficient of vitamin B complex exhibit poor growth, have poor appetite, and are prone to heart failure; therefore, its paramount that you give the supplement to your dog if you suspect the he might be having a deficiency.

In addition to helping your dog grow naturally, the supplement also aids in preventing your dog from developing bladder stones.

Sure grow 100

This product contains a number of beneficial nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, phosphorus, and vitamin D. It’s ideal for puppies during their rapid growth stages. According to the product manufactures, the supplement aids in bringing about maximum growth of the bones, teeth, and muscles.

These are some of the best growth supplements for dogs. To ensure that your dog derives full benefits of the supplements, you should use the product as instructed. You should also ensure that you buy the products from legit stores that sell legit and high quality products. The best place to find legit stores is in the review sites.

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