Ardyss Body Magic – Pros & Cons – Does it Really Work Or is it a Scam?

One of the first things I learned in the Home Based Business Industry over 20 years ago is how to look for a Pyramid Scheme and how to spot a possible SCAM!

When companies make astonishing or unrealistic claims about their products, you wonder if the products really work or if it’s merely a scam. Ardyss International offers a line of Reshaping Body Garments that claim permanent results over time. They also offer a line of Nutrition, Skin Care and Cosmetics that are purported to be amongst the best in the industry.

Their flagship product is a body reshaper called Body Magic. In conjunction with the physical benefits of wearing the Body Magic re-shaper, the company states that you can Lose 2 to 3 Sizes Instantly. They further assert that Daily wear of the garment leads to lasting results. Supposedly, the Body Magic reshapes your body from your shoulders to your thighs giving you an Hour Glass Figure.

Additionally, a “secondary” flagship product, called the Angel Bra, is alleged to minimize the breast area for instant reduction or enhance the same area for instant augmentation. Said to firm ,equalize, reshape and mold the breast, the bra has no underwire boning or foam padding.

Ardyss International also boasts a very lucrative Compensation Plan, which the website implies to pay 8 different ways. They boast a 40% direct sales bonus, A Power Start Bonus, Express Bonuses (for team building), Enrollment and Unilevel Commissions, Generation Bonuses, an Impressive Car Bonus, Rank Maintenance Bonuses, and the Presidential Pool. They claim to have an easily duplicatable system that like their instant Body Magic success, leads to Instant Compensation.

Lose 2 to 3 sizes Instantly…you can certainly understand my skepticism after reading this bit of information. I thought, yeah, right – In your dreams maybe! In my humble opinion, this was just another one of those “To Good To Be True” stories. Let’s face it. Weight lost is so important to the American public that folks are willing to risk DEATH to allow a Bariatric Surgeon to remove a portion of their stomachs. Others are willing to undergo the knife to get tummy tucks, breast reductions, liposuction etc. This company is claiming that their body garments accomplish these goals instantly with No Surgery, No Pills, No Diet, No Lie!

So, there I was, off to the races to complete my due diligence, carving time for some extensive research. Online, I located and strategically connected with multiple people throughout the U.S. who had purchased the body reshaping garment. I even stumbled across a special segment featuring the Body Magic done by NBC.

To my amazement, each person with whom I spoke ranted and raved about this Magic Garment and their Instant Hour Glass Figure, each claiming to have shrunk 2 Sizes Instantly. I even discovered that the company had an abdomen t-shirt for men that produced similar results.

As I inquired about the Pros of the Body Magic, the responses were, it Flattens your tummy, Removes side rolls (also called love handles), Slims your thighs, Corrects your posture, and Lifts your breast and buttocks.

Ok, all these wonderful claims; however, I desired to know what the cons were. Is it comfortable; is it one whole piece; how far down the leg does it extend; how far up does it go; is it restroom friendly, what is it made from, etc.

I must admit, I was not quite ready for the responses. The only cons mentioned were someone had to assist you with putting on the garment the first time and, it generally takes 2 to 3 days to become comfortable wearing it. I was told that once adjusted, the garment is quite comfortable.

The Body Magic was described as a one piece that fits snuggly under the breast and extends mid way the thighs, the body reshaper is made of a sturdy, lightweight fabric with a layer of lace to give it a feminine appearance. The extra band across the lower front helps lift and hold your lower stomach in position, while the front panels help firm and control your abdomen. The adjustable shoulder straps have three rows of hooks that pull your shoulders back and correct your posture as your body is reshaped and transformed. The sturdy stretch fabric is doubled in the back area with lightweight soft boning double stitched in the seams to give you extra lower and upper back support. An extra panel on each side helps slim your hips and curves around your lower buttocks to lift and hold it in position. The legs have a hook opening for restroom comfort.

Okay, now the real test, does this Body Magic really work? If it did, it would not only change my life but the lives of millions considering one out of every three Americans are overweight. And not to leave out the financial opportunity with Ardyss’ lucrative Compensation Plan, this would literally be a Gold Mine. There was only one true “Full Proof “way to know if the claims were correct. I had to purchase a Body Magic. I knew that no matter what they were claiming, if it didn’t work, there would be no REAL VALUE to the end consumer. I knew that this would be either a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme and I would have NOTHING to do with it!

So, I bought a Body Magic. To my amazement, I was instantly surprised. As a matter of fact, when I put the garment on, it far exceeded my expectations and unpredictably, caused me to Lose2sizesInstantly. My Stomach Flattened, my Side and Back Rolls Disappeared, my Bust and Buttocks were lifted and it gave me an Instant Hour Glass Figure. No Surgery, No Pills, No Diet, No Exercise…No Lie!

What Ardyss has done is NOT just another Spanx or Kymaro. The results extend past a temporary fix. It is NOT just another body garment but it is a movement based on a Paradigm Shift. No Surgery No Pills, No Diet, No Exercise, No Lie. A movement whose time has come. IT REALLY WORKS!!! Instant gratification, inspiration, attitude, confidence and loads of compliments. Ardyss’ Body Reshapers will Revolutionize the Weight Loss Industry for some time to come. I can’t wait to try the Angel Bra. Stay tuned for my next Article.

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