Bodybuilding For Hard Gainers

Being a hard gainer means you have extreme difficulty gaining weight, let alone muscle. You have probably suffered through ridicule from others because of your beanpole-like body, which in turn bruises your ego and self-esteem. You have probably tried relentlessly to gain muscle in the past, but to no avail. Maybe you have even gave up more than once, believing it is impossible for someone with your genetics to build lean muscle.

Well, it is not impossible. It does not matter how poor your genetics are, you can build muscle. The problem is that most people do not realize that bodybuilding for hard gainers is completely different than it is for the average population. Hard gainers must follow an entirely different set of rules if they are going to be successful.

First off, avoid volume work. Do your workout routine, and get out. Weight lifting causes you to burn a lot of calories, and being skinny, you cannot afford to lose many calories.

So, you need to keep your workouts short but lucrative. I suggest you do 10-12, possibly fewer sets, but make sure you are really working yourself as hard as you possibly can.

Secondly, follow a full-body program and focus only on compound lifts. This includes weight lifting exercises such as squats, bench presses, dead lifts, rows and military presses.

A very important aspect of bodybuilding for hard gainers is REST. I cannot stress this enough. You must get plenty of sleep. This is how your muscles repair themselves and grow. This is an equally important factor in the equation; just like you have performed your workouts properly, and fed your body the right foods, you must rest your body.

One final piece of advice, it would be a really good idea to find someone who once was a skinny runt like you, but defeated those hard gainer genetics, and has the buffed body to prove it, to mentor you. I am sure he would have some great experienced advice to offer you. He would also be a great motivation for you because you will want to have a body like his, and knowing he was once like you, it will keep you focused on your goals, and keep you confident knowing that it can be done.

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