Cancer & Nutrition – Fighting Cancer With Alkaline Foods

Cancer is a disease that has many casualties lately and has become the number one killer in the world today. Breast cancer is the number one killer in America and other parts of the world today. Medically treating cancer with chemotherapy and is currently not able to eliminate cancer surgery significantly because it does not eliminate the root of the problem directly.

Cancer treatment in general and breast cancer in particular should see the root causes of cancer. Why do cancers occur and what triggers the cancer? The experts are now starting to think holistic therapies for cancer, even started doing prevention of cancer so that cancer does not appear and develop.

We already know that the incidence of cancer is very influenced by the foods and nutrients that we eat everyday. This occurs because the food and nutrition that we eat will affect the enzyme system in our body and when this happens it will be able to trigger cancer. Our daily food is very acidic and it is influenced by changes in lifestyle and eating habits, we just eat junk food like fast food, canned goods and other processed foods. We are not realize that we are only consuming acidic foods and that will affect our bodies and would make a bad metabolism in our body and make our body enzyme systems will be chaotic. Acidic foods will also trigger the emergence of cancer cells and will create a fertile growing and spreading of these cells.

To prevent cancer, we have to do a significant change of lifestyle and eating habits daily. We should avoid acidic foods like junk food, fast food, soft drinks, liquor, and cigarettes. do regular exercise and only consume food that is alkaline because alkaline foods will help prevent cancer and instead will kill existing cancer cells. Alkaline foods are foods that will make the body becomes alkaline, the blood will be alkaline and all this will result in the death of cancer cells in the body for cancer cells thrive in an acidic body. Alkaline foods will kill cancer cells and can also prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Alkaline foods, among others are fresh vegetables, fresh fruits especially organic, fresh fish. Only consume fresh fish and avoid other meat such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey. Avoid milk and other dairy such as cheese and yoghurt. Avoid soft drinks, liquor, and cigarettes. Exercise regularly and try to live orderly and always happy.

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