Golfer’s Nutrition: Do Multivitamins Help?

Why Bother With a Multivitamin?

While gobbling down a hot dog and cheesy fries with an icy cold drink at the ninth hole is an essential tradition to every round of golf, it can hardly be considered the best promoter of optimal golf performance.

For aging and active golfers, it is especially important that they supply their bodies with what is needed to repair sore muscles, sun-damaged skin and promote optimum health.

Since we can’t expect that broccoli, carrots and tofu will be a part of clubhouse fare, it is good to consider using an easily absorbed multivitamin to supplement our diets.

Multivitamins, especially organic chewable or liquid vitamins are well known for their high absorption and beneficial uptake by our bodies. Not only do the best multivitamins absorb well, but they must be easy to take.

If you live in the Midwest as my wife and I do, it is often difficult to find enough out of season fresh fruits and vegetables to adequately supply our diet with the necessary minerals and nutrients to keep us as healthy as possible. Yet, all of us who have choked down a handful of vitamin pills know how this can sometimes be a discouraging chore in our day. It is no wonder then that chewable and liquid minerals and vitamins are becoming so popular.

According to Steven Susskind, M.D. if our bodies are not producing enough of the hormone adiponectin there will be a corresponding weight gain. Studies have shown that the more of this hormone we have in our bloodstream, the more fat we burn. Conversely, low levels of this hormone are found in obese individuals.

One way to increase this hormone is to increase our levels of magnesium like what is found in green, leafy vegetables and some nuts. Since these are not always available, a good, absorbable multi-vitamin can be essential for supplying these elements.

In addition, 6-8 hours of sleep per night and a stress management plan (this must include more golf) also play key roles in regulating our hormone production which regulates our ability to use simple sugars for energy rather than storing it as fat.

So, due diligence requires a little bit of research and trial of various products. Look for a product that offers a 30 to 60 day money back guarantee as that gives you time to evaluate if it will personally benefit you.

The same can be said of the stated ingredients of any product. Look at the values and check with your doctor to make sure that the ingredients and the amounts do not interfere with any of your current conditions and/or medications.

The product that my wife and I use has a boatload of ingredients including Resveratol such as that found in grapes and red wine.

While this ingredient is supposed to help with weight control, this may not help at all if other factors of health are not addressed first.

For instance, regular exercise like walking a golf course is a great complement to a healthy diet. It is also important to adjust our diet in such a way that we optimize our bodies hormone production.

So, if your clubhouse tradition is unavoidable, consider adding a potent, absorbable multivitamin to your list of traditions and…

Have a Great Game!

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