How To Approach Women At The Gym – Seducing Females In Public

Some men think that making passes at women in public is a no-no (except in bars, night clubs, or parties). The truth is that talking to females you don’t know e.g. in malls, in restaurants, in fitness centers, and the like, is okay. In fact, some guys even pick up their women successfully in the previously mentioned public places. This article will focus on the pointers on how to approach women at the gym and not be refused.

Why Gyms Are Good Seduction Spots

You may be asking: ‘Why are fitness places or gyms recommended places of seduction?’ The answer is that girls who spend time working out in exercise rooms or fitness clubs normally are in good moods. Why? When exercising, endorphins are released, and those endorphins make people feel good, thus, coming up to the females in public, specifically in gyms, becomes easier and more successful compared to making your approach in clubs.

When To Move Towards A Girl

When exactly is the right time to advance to the lady you want to get to know better? Before she works out? Maybe you should approach her while she’s working out? A good advice on how to approach women at the gym is to actually make your move while she’s been exercising for about 30 minutes or more. When she’s worked out for a while, that also means that a large number of endorphins have been released, and that she’s in a great mood, thus, trying to ‘pick her up’ in public won’t automatically result in failure. Remember, always approach a woman when she is most receptive.

Avoid talking to her as she arrives as her mind will surely be focused on needing to exercise and she just might get annoyed at you for bothering her.

Other Gym Seduction Tips

Aside from the first two tips mentioned above, other techniques of how to approach women at the gym include:

Technique A: Be a sociable person.

Girls like guys who have good social skills. It is a must that you chat with other people at the gym, not only with men, but also with women, and let the girl see that you’re friendly to everybody. In this way, when you strike up a dialogue with her in public, she’ll think that you’re just being normal and that you’re not trying to hit on her. This will earn you good points as you won’t creep her out unlike other guys who she feels is trying to get into her pants.

Technique B: Look in her direction from time to time and smile casually.

It is also important that you make eye contact at times, while at the same time smiling nicely for her benefit. This is to make the woman feel comfortable enough when you move toward her for a chat.

Learning how to approach women at the gym properly makes it possible for guys to score dates with women in public, to be specific in fitness clubs and exercise venues.

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