How To Attract Money Using Meditation

What we constantly think about, we will attract. So if we think about money all the time shouldn’t money come to us? It doesn’t seem so because people who are broke think about money all the time but they are still broke. So what is the right technique for attracting money?

Yogic masters say that the third eye cakra is the seat where creation takes place. Meditating on a thought with a feeling in the third eye will bring it into reality. Quantum physicists find this to be true too. There have been many experiments to prove this theory.

The third eye, or scientifically called the pituitary or pineal gland, is under the mid-brain. It is the organ that connects you with the universe. The cerebellum is negative. Thoughts come and go all the time in the cerebellum and it will always say no to you. So logically if you put money thoughts in it, money will never materialize. Unfortunately a large proportion of us never realize this fact..

The pineal gland is very direct and does not judge. Whatever thought you put into the pineal gland, it will interpret it as so. Thus if you tell the pineal land that you want money means that you are currently broke and will always be so. Instead, if you project a picture of wealth surrounding you, such as an expensive house or car with heaps of money, and you are having tremendous joy with this experience, the pineal gland takes that as your current reality and gives more of it to you.

The activation of the third eye cakra and all the other cakras is through meditation. Commonly known as cakra meditation, specific quantum sounds or mantras are chanted for activation.

There is a specific quantum sound or mantra for each of the cakras and each one complements the other. When practised consistently, each of the cakras come alive and serve their intended purpose. The meditation and the mantras when done together create a feeling that activates manifestation in the pineal gland.

So to attract money, this is the general technique:

1. Meditate using quantum sounds/mantras to activate the 7 cakras in the body

2. Let the kundalini energy rise through the spinal column

3. Put a thought in pineal gland

4. Create a feeling using quantum sounds

5. Thank the universe and disconnect

Sit back and let the universe do its work.

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