How to get over drinking alcohol: 9 self-control habits you can adopt on your own

If you are finding ways of how to get over drinking alcohol, then I must tell you that it’s an excellent start. Self-control is critical when dealing with alcohol addiction. It is not about complete self-deprivation; it is about knowing your boundary. Let’s see how you can control yourself to get over drinking.

Nine habits for self-control

Following are the habits that you can consider:

1.Identify the root cause of your drinking habit: Many people develop drinking as an effect of a lost relationship. This relation can be anybody close to you. You can start with how to get over drinking alcohol by letting go of the person or, if possible, by mending relation with the person. You can let go of the person by carrying out positive treatments like meditation.

2. Do not self-shame: Some people have a habit of shaming themselves. If you are among them, then you need to stop. You often say a sentence to yourself like I am good for nothing or I am fat, or I am a failure, which puts your self-esteem down.

You feel anxious as your subconscious mind is repeating the sentence again and again. To overcome this feeling, you drink, so if you stop blaming yourself and forgive yourself, things can get better. Forgiving yourself is the first step of how to get over drinking alcohol.

3. Do not keep alcohol at home: Never keep the drink at home, and if you have a stack of it, then clear it today. If you remove them all, then you will be out of temptations. For your comfort, fill up your house with non-alcoholic wines and beers to sip them whenever tempted.

4. Keep yourself occupied: You should occupy your mind from work or passion to not think about alcohol much. Divert your energy in something you like, such as playing guitar, learning some other language, or teaching someone. Nevertheless, you can always spend your free time with friends or family; they will always guide you to get over drinking alcohol.

5. Plan on how to decrease the dose: It’s tough to quit alcohol at once. So first, you should plan how many days you will not drink in a week. Then gradually plan weeks and likewise jump to months. After some time, you will reach a whole year.

6. Eating healthy: If you take care of your body and eat clean, it can also help you avoid alcohol. If your physical body is healthy, so will be your mental body. Even research says to quit drinking habits, it is essential to eat a balanced diet.

7. Reducing stress: Many of us stress on little things thus require a frequent break. This break involves regular drinking, but if you reduce your stress, you climb up one stair to get over drinking alcohol. Learn to control your mind not to get angry or stressed very quickly. You can stay active through regular workouts or early morning jogging.

8. Find motivation: Motivation can be from within, in work, or also within a person. To get over drinking, you must find your inspiration. You can also take professional help for such matters. Focus and stay positive.

9. Keep a journal: Record your every activity in a journal, even when you drink or what makes you drink. This journal will help you understand yourself and give you a clue about how to get over drinking alcohol.


By following these points without cheating, you will be able to overcome the drinking problem. Stay positive and take professional help if needed because it’s all about getting better. If you want to know more about the treatment, click on the link