Indigestion Heartburn – 5 Things to Help Your Indigestion and Acid Reflux

Heartburn and indigestion is something we all get from time to time. Usually

indigestion happens after eating a big meal, and it affects about 5 million

American men. However, some of them will suffer problems that are more

frequent. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent it and further improve the

health of the digestive system – five specific ways.

Firstly, eating the right amount of fiber daily will lower the risk of

indigestion. Unfortunately, most people consume fast and junk foods, not too

mention lots of fatty foods and meat. These are a great way to worsen this

condition. A fiber rich diet is not just good for digestion, but it can prevent

heart disease, diabetes, coloctoral cancer, hemorrhoids and various other types

of diseases. So adding whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables will help.

However, should avoid gassy foods – baked beans, broccoli, cauliflower, baked

beans and fizzy drinks. Drinking lots of water is a good digestive lubricant.

Water can dissolve minerals, nutrients and vitamins, enabling absorption.

Secondly, how you chew is vitally important because it is a process that breaks

up the food and tells the body to release enzymes for digestion. However, it is

important to not overeat. Large portions will generate larger quantities of

stomach acid because more is needed to digest your food. This will greatly

increase the chances of suffering indigestion and heartburn.

Thirdly, exercise and avoidance of stress will also alleviate indigestion. This

will improve your overall health and aid digestion. Insufficient exercise and

being overweight can result in irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and other

stomach problems. Stress is another critical point that can aggravate

digestion. It reduces abdominal blood flow and enzyme production, slowing down

digestion. This will result in indigestion and heartburn.

Fourthly, overusing antacids is not a good way to resolve heartburn and

indigestion. Acid reflux can result and indigestion will occur when foods

backup in the esophagus. Many people immediately grab their medicines as soon

as there is a hint of a problem. Most of the time these antacids do not work as

well as they claim, and they will reduce the amount of acid needed for normal

digestion if overused. This will greatly reduce the stomach’s ability to digest

the food and leave it vulnerable to infections.

Finally, another way to combat indigestion is to take digestive enzyme pills.

These enzymes are sourced from plants. They help aid digestion and assist in

the absorption of needed nutrients. A bad diet can reduce the amounts of these

natural enzymes. However, these supplements are a great help in lowering the

occurrences of sick stomachs and indigestion. Even healthy people can benefit

from taking these natural pills.

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