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Leg Strength and Stairs – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

Have you downsized from a home to a bungalow and noticed a minimize in leg energy? There is a (semi!) official time period for this “Bungalow Legs” .  It is typically the smaller points that insert up and the moment we get away the stairs in a household, which you could go up and down numerous times a day, it’s going to effect your leg power.

Bungalow Houses or Stairless Houses May well Hasten Decline Linked with Aging

Stairs are almost everywhere, stores, kerbs, close friends and spouse and children houses so if you don’t have stairs at property it’s even more crucial that you use them when out.  Even if you do have stairs in the dwelling you may possibly have begun to steer clear of undertaking them unless totally needed because of to obtaining them tricky function or apprehensive about balance.

How to use leg energy to get up the stairs

One of the motives you may well obtain stairs challenging work is mainly because you have started to use your arms to pull by yourself up instead than your legs to drive on your own up.

Consider these strategies to ensure you are making use of your legs

  • Check out to just evenly rest your hand on the bannister for support if necessary
  • Put as a lot of your foot on the stair as attainable
  • Force down by means of the full foot not just the toes (preferably via the heel but some stairs aren’t deep enough for this)

Numerous persons discover it harder heading down the stair so you may well want to hold a very little tighter to the handrail. You may perhaps even wish to spot equally ft on just about every phase or to arrive down sideways.

If you get the chance constantly attempt and use stairs, even just a set of five measures will assist maintain leg power.  Fairly than wait around till you will need to go upstairs, consider 5 minutes and just try and apply going up and down stairs with no distractions and concentrating on procedure. If you do live in a bungalow then do you have a step possibly out the back doorway that you can apply on? Just stepping up and down is heading to challenge the legs and you can do this if a whole flight of stairs appears to be as well much. The most critical issue to do is apply,  exercise,  practice!

I have spaces in both equally my Newell Centre and St Michael’s Corridor Course at the instant so if you are wondering about seeking it out (or returning soon after a hiatus) it would be lovely to see you. 

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