Natural Way To Relieve Hemorrhoids With Fruits and Juices

Many have found that eating chili peppers can cause a burning sensation to the anus or rectum. So, they suggest avoid eating chili if you have hemorrhoids. Well, it is advisable to avoid it if you have a severe or advance case of hemorrhoids. Peppers actually help the body to have a good blood circulation and aids in the healing of ulcers. Too much of everything are the one that could create problems in the body.

Foods and beverages that could cause constipation should be avoided such us coffee, alcohol, bad fats, animal products and red meat.

And thus that you should be eaten to relieve hemorrhoid are high fiber foods to prevent compacted feces. Once you don’t have constipation it is positive that you won’t have hemorrhoids. This is obtained by eating raw fruits and vegetables.
Slowly increase your intake of fiber if you are not use to it. The normal intake of fiber that a person must have is 25-35 grams per day but must of us eat only about 8-12 grams per day.

If you are not used to eating high fiber in your diet, you may experience more gas for a week or two because you are not use to it. You can use by taking synthetic digestive enzymes to help you digest the extra produce.

The following are the fruits and juices that could help cure or relive hemorrhoids:

1. Juices
Berries like cherries, blackberries and blueberries has “anthocyanins” and “proanthocyanidins” which reduces hemorrhoidal pain and swelling by toning and strengthening the hemorrhoid veins. Dark Berry juices are specifically good mixed with equal parts of apple juices makes it more effective. Drink at least one glass of this juice mixture each day.

2. Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe is high in beta-carotene level and has anti-clogging properties. It also is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

3. Red and Black Currant Berries
Good for cleansing the liver and the blood. Good liver function is necessary for maintaining a healthy colon, rectum and anus, due to its high amount of vitamin C, Rutin and minerals. This makes their juice valuable in clearing hemorrhoids.

4. Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice has a strong astringency which is useful in reducing hemorrhoids. By saturating pomegranate juice on a cotton ball and push the varicousities slightly into the rectum.

5. Oranges and bananas
Orange is high in vitamin C, bioflavonoids and fiber and banana is high in minerals and fiber which helps in strengthen the tissue and aids elimination. Eat 2-3 oranges and 2 bananas a day.

6. Papaya
Papaya is also high in minerals, fiber, and enzymes to digest protein. It aids in good elimination of waste.

Hemorrhoids are relieve by this fruits and juices adding a good amount of vegetables make it more potent to naturally curing or relieving hemorrhoids if not completely cure it. Just by maintaining the diet provided above.

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