Reduce Men Breasts – Toning Up Your Saggy Chest

Men breasts, man boobs, man breasts – whatever you know them as, it is a fact that they are an embarrassing feature and one that is pretty tough to get rid of with regular exercise. In fact, doing the wrong exercises can make your pointy, droopy little friends even more of a “stand out feature”. You will certainly be a talking point at the bar or on the beach, but unless you are surprisingly proud of your chest adornments you will probably want to get rid of your man boobs before you get promoted to the next cup size up.

Gynecomastia, the term for male breasts, has a number of causes which include hormonal imbalances, which may arise during adolescence, as the result of a chromosomal disorder, or from your dietary choices and the use of certain prescription drugs. Men breasts also pop up, or down, as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, obesity and a general lack of fitness.

So, How Do You Get Rid of “The Twins”?

If you have tried before you are probably aware that working off your men breasts can seem impossible. For many, general exercise routines and a calorie controlled diet help them lose weight across the entire body, but the excess of fatty tissue in the chest remains a prominent feature, so your man boobs still stand out.

The best and most effective solution to destroying men breasts is to cut out the foods that actually promote male breast tissue – these are called estrogenic foods – and supplement your dietary intake with anti-estrogenic foods. Anti-estrogenic foods actually help your body to free up the testosterone in you which combats the feminising effects of the estrogen that is also present.

The food you eat is only a part of the plan though. If you are carry excess weight all over your body – and be honest with yourself here – then you need to follow a cardiovascular exercise routine that will help you shed fat across your body.

As you start to lose weight and boost the free testosterone levels in your body it is important that you exercise the correct muscles in your chest. There are specific sculpting exercises that will tone up the area of the upper chest. Push ups and dumbbell flyes (flat and declined) will bulk up the wrong part of your chest and the men breasts will be more pronounced.

Men Breasts Gone – It’s Easy With The Right Method.

Combine the correct scientific and targeted approaches to your saggy chest and your men breasts will be gone before you know it.

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