Summertime Penis Problems – Relief for Issues From Chafing to Sunburns

Most people falsely think winter is the only season for dry, itchy skin; however, while the bitter wind can sure do a number on the body’s largest organ, one should never discount the damage of the summer sun. The bottom line is that skin care is essential year round, rain or shine, hot or cold, winter, summer, spring, and fall. Furthermore, skin care is needed on all skin, not just that which is exposed. Yes, even the penis skin needs daily TLC to stay healthy. Learn more about keeping a man’s most favorite organ healthy year-round and prevent common penis problems with the penis care facts below.

Summer Skin Blues… and Reds

Sunburn: Although occasionally referred to as the place where the sun don’t shine, the skin of the penis is just as susceptible to sun burn as the rest of the body. Men who enjoy sunbathing nude, daytime skinny-dipping, or frequent tanning booths are all at risk of sun burning their manhood. Talk about a hunk of burning love.

Swimsuit Irritation: Staying in a wet swimsuit too long can cause uncomfortable irritation, and in some cases, rash-like bumps. A damp swimsuit tends to cling to a man’s unit, which creates unpleasant friction and can leave the wearer itching for days.

Chafing: A man’s equipment tends to warm up very easily in the summertime leading to a sweaty undercarriage. Unfortunately, a sweaty package combined with tight jeans or briefs can lead to a hairy situation below the belt – in more ways than one. Chafing is a result of too much friction on the skin when sweat does not allow skin areas to move past each other freely; instead, the skin sticks to itself, creating a red, irritated and itchy mess.

Dry skin: Yes, even in the summer, the skin can dry out. Harsh sun is one culprit- even in cases when a sunburn does not occur. Men living in areas with low humidity and high temperatures may be at a greater risk still of dry summer skin. Everybody tends to be more active in the summer, which leads to sweat and dehydration, all of which takes a toll on the skin. Even skin that is not directly exposed to the elements can still be affected by harsh environmental climates.

Swimming: Men who tend to hit the lake, ocean or pool all summer long may find themselves with an itchy nether region when the water fun is done. Apart from swimsuit irritation mentioned earlier, swimming pools are filled with harsh chemicals such as chlorine, which can be very drying on delicate skin. Swimming in natural bodies of water does not make one exempt from dry skin either; splashing about all day strips the skin of its natural moisture, causing dry skin.

Healing the skin

It is important to keep the skin moisturized all year round, even on days when it seems like it is not needed. Staying ahead of dry skin can prevent it from cracking and becoming a painful problem. One should use a daily lotion made with vitamin E and Shea butter, two natural ingredients that work together to keep the skin smooth, supple and healthy. Generously slathering on the lotion every day will help protect the skin from the harsh elements found in nature and the daily wear and tear of life as well.

When it comes to keeping the penis healthy, don’t think that any old lotion will do. Many lotions are made with chemicals and fragrances that are too harsh for the sensitive skin of the penis and can actually cause irritation and even rashes. Select an all-natural penis health oil that is specially formulated to heal the skin of the penis (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A man should still choose a lotion that is made from the powerful team of vitamin E and Shea butter, but be sure to select one gentle enough for the manhood. Daily application will keep the penis skin looking and feeling great – because nobody wants to deal with itchy junk all day long.

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