Using Sage For Acid Reflux Relief

Sage is a herb which has been known throughout history as being effective in the treatment of many conditions. Other benefits of using combined honey and sage for acid reflux include the fact that it is antibacterial and also helps in preventing or treating colds and flu. One way to use sage for acid reflux relief is by preparing a sage herbal honey drink. For this you will need to:

  • pick some unblemished leaves and tear them into little pieces
  • fill a small glass canning jar with the leaves then pour raw honey over them
  • stir the contents using a wooden spoon to ensure that all the leaves are soaked in honey
  • add more honey to fill up the jar, then cap it tightly
  • set the honey on your kitchen counter and stir it everyday for the next 2-6 weeks; or simply turn the jar over each day
  • You may use the honey and sage for digestive relief within a day or so, but it is more effective the longer you let it set. This is because the medicinal properties of the sage for acid reflux will be drawn out of the leaves and into the honey
  • You may either strain the honey before use, or even leave the leaves inside.

Combining honey with sage for acid reflux relief is an effective way of easing reflux symptoms because both contain proven medicinal properties. Using sage for acid reflux may be done by simply swallowing a teaspoonful of the herbal remedy at least three times a day, then allowing the honey to settle in the throat to soothe the esophagus. Alternatively, you may use sage for digestive relief by adding one tablespoon of the herbal honey into a cup of boiling water to make a cup of tea.

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