What To Do For Heartburn – 7 Tips For Heartburn Symptoms

1. Try not to lie down right after dinner

After a good dinner its important to give yourself some time to digest because when you lie down, the food you just ate mixes with certain stomach acids that help break it down which is scientifically proven to sometimes mix in the oesophagus and cause heartburn.

2. Try to relax and reduce the stress in your life

Lifestyle makes a difference in heartburn relief because science has proven that stress causes an increase in certain stomach acids that directly cause heartburn. There are a lot things you can do to relax throughout the day including taking a few minutes to relax when stress builds up.

3. Try to avoid certain drinks

It’s best to drink alcohol in moderation because it has been proven to increase heartburn symptoms. Other types of drinks can cause heartburn and the best way to make sure it does not cause an increase in symptoms is to spread out the time you take to finish the drink.

4. Try spreading out your meals throughout the day

Eating numerous small meals throughout the day has been shown to lead to increase energy and also decrease heartburn symptoms because the digestive system has more time which means less heartburn, especially at nighttime. This also allows for plenty of time everyday before going to bed to digest.

5. Try to use moderation with certain drinks

Some drinks such as alcohol can cause build up of certain stomach acids that lead to heartburn. Using these drinks in moderation and spreading out the time it take to finish each can allow your digestive system to naturally avoid heartburn. There are other non alcoholic beverages that can contribute to heartburn and it would be best to use these in moderation.

6. Try chewing gum at bedtime

This is a great way to alleviate symptoms for a quick burst. The saliva created from chewing gum can actually neutralize some of the stomach acids that cause heartburn.

7. Try eating slower

Eating too fast can cause rapid build up of stomach acids that lead to heartburn. Spreading out eating over a longer period of time will allow for your digestive system to completely process the food you are eating with ease. This is especially important at dinner time when certain foods that have more heartburn causing ingredients are digested. This also allows for a better dinner experience.

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