Mind Body Connection – Do You Feel It?

Are you aware of the connection between your mind and body? How often do you feel that connection? Do you notice the effect of your thoughts upon the sensations in your body? And do you realize how much your body sensations alter your thoughts? Change one and you change the other.

There is NO SEPARATION between mind and body. Our body does not act on its own accord. Even so-called involuntary body responses are, in fact, regulated by our own thoughts. Advanced yogis and others have revealed that with our bodies are capable of performing feats we do not ordinarily believe is possible:

• we can control and slow down our breathing

• we can keep our body temperature in freezing waters or walking on hot coals

• we can pierce our bodies with sharp metals without pain and leaving no scars

• we can twist and bend our bodies into all sorts of contorted positions

• we can balance on tight ropes and perform amazing gymnastics stunts

• we can break world racing records or perform a perfect Olympic routine

Anything that has ever been created by a human was first conceived in someone’s mind and later created and designed into physical form. Every cell in our body functions according to the instructions provided by our DNA with the assistance of our living mind.

When our heart stops beating and our brain stops working, our body does not continue to function. Our legs do not walk. Our arms no longer lift. Our eyes do not see. Our brain and our mind control all of our body functions. Our body responds to the thoughts in our mind.

Change the thoughts and the cells in our body will respond. We literally wear our emotions all over our body. Just observe the posture of someone who is depressed (shoulders slumped, downward gaze). Then observe the posture of someone who has just succeeded at something he or she really wanted (standing tall, smiling, head held high, perhaps arms up in the air).

Our body doesn’t lie. It reveals to us the way we have been thinking and feeling. If we have been really bothered by someone in our life, perhaps that person has literally become “a pain in our neck.” If we are feeling unsupported emotionally and/or financially, we may develop severe back aches. If we feel we want to run away from a situation that we cannot leave, we may develop foot, ankle, knee or leg problems.

The solution to healing your emotions and your body is to pay attention to your thoughts and to also pay attention to your body symptoms. There may be some important messages about what is working, not working and perhaps needs to change in your life, your lifestyle, your emotional state or your relationships. The mind/body connection cannot be ignored.

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