York G102 Horizontal Multigym Review

The York G102 is a multi gym loved by many consumers because of its ability to offer plenty of benefits for anyone who uses it. Using a home gym like this can really help that all important issue of exercising to stay healthy and the best part is that you get to work out in your own home and on your own time which helps to build confidence and keep you fit.

This multiple use gym allows for plenty of activities to help you stay interested in working out including lower and upper body exercises. Bench presses are a common preference for many to use throughout their routine and this gym is made for them. Leg presses and various curls with this machine will allow for targeted training as well.

When training or something similar, many experienced gym users prefer to work one set of muscles per day and a different set the next time. This is a common method that helps to let sections of muscles rest while others get a work out which makes for more muscle growth and plenty of other positive results. Following this method while using the York G102 horizontal multigym will have you fit and tone in no time.

This home gym was specifically designed to take up as little room as possible which helps a lot when trying to decide whether you should buy a home gym or a few different machines. Since all of the machines are combined into one with the idea of a home gym, you will save money by choosing not to buy all the machines separate.

The York G102 horizontal multigym offers a weight stack that weighs a nice 50kg which is more than enough resistance to intensify any workout. It was made to tolerate plenty of wear and tear due to the heavy duty structure that was built to last. This is a great multigym which is well worth investing in, especially if you are looking to build muscle, tone up or lose body fat.

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